O que Fazemos



The first initiative of this alternative communication project was the newspaper O Trecheiro, with news about the homeless population, which is active to this day. Over 25 years, the activities of Rede Rua de Comunicação have revolved around documenting and registering news related to the homeless population and other excluded groups. Additionally, we support and promote direct action with the city's homeless, as well as helping social projects and organisations in the area of communication.

The initial purpose has been maintained. It has become more professional, however, both in terms of the team, who are specialised in the area of communication, as well as the equipment used (cameras, studio, editing station, among others).

The project also supports social movements and organisations, giving support for covering and publicising events, including to historic partners, such as: Curso de Verão (Summer Programme) from Ceseep, Grito dos/as Excluídos/as (Shout of the Excluded), Jornada da Moradia Digna (Quest for Decent Housing), Movimento Nacional da População de Rua (National Movement for the Homeless), among other groups.

In addition, as a form of sustainability, we offer services with more accessible costs to various events from pastoral organisations, social movements and other collectives.

Address: Rua Sampaio Moreira nº 110, Brás, São Paulo – SP, CEP: 03008-010

Contact: rederua@uol.com.br, Telephone: (11) 3227-8683 | (11) 3311-6642


The Pousada da Esperança is a reception centre that serves homeless men in the area of Santo Amaro, in the south of São Paulo. It has the objective of providing the cohabitants the possibility of a dignified life and autonomy. We offer 120 spaces and the immediate needs of the cohabitants are met by providing them with the following: storage for their personal belongings, a bathroom, laundry, dinner, sociable and educational activities, overnight accommodation and breakfast.

By means of technical attendance with social workers, the cohabitants are encouraged to participate in social-educational activities such as social football, cinema with popcorn, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, conversation circles, dormitory meetings, music, handicrafts using recyclable materials, employability workshops, group reflection sessions, and producing the newspaper O Trecheiro, among other things. This project is run in partnership with the Municipal Government of São Paulo.

Address:Rua Ministro Roberto Cardoso Alves nº 51, Santo Amaro – São Paulo – SP, CEP: 04743-030

Contact:pousadadaesperanca@rederua.org.br, Telephone: (11) 5548-2672


Every day we serve 500 meals, at breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Restaurante Comunitário e Núcleo de Convivência Penaforte for adults and children that are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

The socio-educational and communal activities include conversation circles, workshops and talks about food security, nutritional information, hygiene, health and even technical technical attendance with social workers that can provide referrals to the city's vulnerable network and other opportunities.This project is run in partnership with the Municipal Government of São Paulo.

Address:Rua Dr. Penaforte Mendes nº 56, Bela Vista – São Paulo – SP, CEP:01308-010

Contact:refeitoriopenaforte@rederua.org.br, Telephone: (11) 3257-8683


The Chapelaria Social (Social Cloakroom) is a social space with storage space for the safekeeping of homeless people's personal belongings. Located in the Brás area, the Chapelaria aims to support people confronted with homelessness.

To this end, we offer the use of 84 lockers, technical assistance with social workers, a bazaar for clothes, distribution of blankets, handicraft workshops, aimed at generating income, employment workshops, conversation circles, integrative therapies and other activities that promote social interaction, as well help and support for the restoration of autonomy. This project was envisaged by the social investment notice by the Instituto Irmãs da Santa Cruz.

Address: Rua Campos Sales nº 88, Brás – São Paulo – SP, CEP: 03041-090

Contact:chapelaria.social@gmail.com, Telephone: (11) 2384-1812